XF [2008 - 2015] 3.0D V6 275 hp
Engine Tuning RICA Stage 1

Price : €775.00 EUR + VAT  

Specifications Max Power Max Torque
Standard 275  hp  @ 3990  rpm 600  Nm  @ 2000  rpm
RICA 305  hp  @ 3970  rpm 710  Nm  @ 2100  rpm

The Stage 1 upgrade is optimised to give a balance of performance and economy. The fuel economy should improve on average by approximately 5-10%, however the actual improvement you will see will vary depending on your driving style, the types of roads you normally drive on, as well as other factors such as tyre pressure.

  • 100% dealership service compliant
  • 100% emissions compliant
  • Slightly Improved fuel economy
  • Enhanced performance and drivability
  • Safer overtaking

Removing the vehicle speed limiter is possible.

*** IMPORTANT: The iSoftloader can only be used when the ECU is send to RICA fist! ***

Engine Tuning iSoftLoader

Price : €75.00 EUR + VAT  

RICA iSoftloader

Give your car an extra performance boost with the press of a button!

The new RICA iSoftloader is a handheld programming device which allows you to program your car with RICA software by yourself. Designed and developed entirely in-house by RICA Engineering, the RICA iSoftloader brings RICA ECM upgrades to everyone everywhere!

Click to

The price shown is only for the iSoftloader programming device itself, when purchased together with a RICA ECM upgrade. It does not include the price of any RICA ECM upgrades.

Note - The RICA iSoftloader is entirely optional. You can still have the RICA ECU upgrade installed by your RICA agent if you don't wish to purchase the RICA iSoftloader.